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Saturday, October 29, 2011

St. Petersburg (Russia) Best Hotels Online

St. Petersburg Top 10 Hotels

St. Petersburg, Russia is a charming, scenic city that is a frequented tourist attraction with some of the best hotel deals St. Petersburg (Russia). It is considered one of the most western cities in Russia. It has a variety of libraries, museums, cinemas, and galleries. The famous Hermitage Museum and Russia Art Museum are both found in St. Petersburg. In addition, there is a museum dedicated solely to the well-known author Dostoyevsky. The city is home to many musical festivals and is also home to long-standing traditional ballet schools which have produced some of the world's best dancers. This is a great excuse to book online hotels in St. Petersburg. The arts are well established in St. Petersburg; it has a rich culture of visual art, music, and literature. You will certainly find a number of things to explore during your visit to St. Petersburg. In order to fully enjoy your stay, you will want to make sufficient accommodations for your stay. There are many options when looking for the best hotel deals in St. Petersburg.
When looking for the best hotel deals in St. Petersburg, you can search a variety of hotel booking websites to find not only the best deal, but also the hotel that is suited for your travel needs. When you plan to book online hotels in St. Petersburg, there are many things to take into consideration when choosing a hotel. First is your price range. Do you want cheap hotels in St. Petersburg or something expensive?  Hotel booking websites are searchable, so you can find prices for rooms depending on how many people will be staying in the room, how many nights you will be staying. You can also book hotels online based on the size of the hotel. Keep in mind that a low price may not always mean adequate service. Be sure to check the reviews on the hotel booking websites. Customers will usually give honest reviews, which is an advantage of booking hotels online.

Cheap hotels in St. Petersburg are of good quality too.  In order to find the best hotel deals St. Petersburg (Russia), browse different websites, read customer reviews, and compare prices.  This helps make your decision easy to book online hotels in St. Petersburg. Another step you may want to take is to check the location of the hotel. You might want a hotel that is closer to important places in St. Petersburg. While St. Petersburg has a plethora of options transportation wise, it may be easier to stay somewhere that is within walking distance of the main metropolitan area. However, if you prefer a quieter place, choosing a hotel in a more discreet area will be better for you. When you book online hotels in St. Petersburg you will see most websites will also show the location of the hotel, and the places around it. Customer reviews will also discuss the places around the hotel. The small amount of research will only make your visit more enjoyable.

A couple of notable hotels include the Grand Hotel Europe in St. Petersburg and the Rossi Hotel. The Rossi Hotel is a great value for those looking for cheap hotels in St. Petersburg. The Hermitage Hotel and the State Russian Museum are a simple walk away from the Rossi Hotel, which make it a cost effective place to stay. The Grand Hotel Europe is a historical landmark, as it has been open for over 130 years. The Grand Hotel has a variety of restaurants and attractions, as well as a rich history. These are not the only great hotels in St. Petersburg. No matter which hotel you choose, St. Petersburg is nonetheless a great city and travel destination and when you book online hotels in St. Petersburg you will be glad you did.  Regardless of if you went with cheap hotels in St. Petersburg or with the best hotel deals St. Petersburg (Russia), your experience will be wonderful and one to remember.   

Singapore Hotels. Cheap Hotels in Singapore

Singapore, Top 10 (budget to luxury level) Hotels to Stay, Places to Visit

When going on vacation in Singapore it is easier to surf the internet and book online hotels in Singapore before your arrival. Depending on if you want a luxury hotel or a budget oriented hotel. There are cheap hotels in Singapore such as the Fairmount Singapore Hotel, Ibis Singapore on Bencoolen Hotel, Marina Mandarin Singapore Hotel, and Goodwood Park Hotel. There are many more cheap hotels in Singapore for the family or couple of a budget. The better hotels are Mandarin Oriental, Singapore, Pan Pacific Singapore, Conrad Centennial Singapore, Shangri-La Hotel, and Naumi Hotel. A person can book online hotels in Singapore form several websites located on the internet.

If you are going on vacation in Singapore book Singapore hotels online and receive flight discount and hotel accommodation discounts for booking the hotel and flight online. You can find cheap hotels in Singapore online. When going on a vacation to Singapore be sure and book Singapore hotels online and research the locations of the top ten attractions and how far they are from the hotels. When you book online hotels in Singapore the website will give you a brief description of the surrounding areas and how far it is to either walk or drive to the different attractions. When you book online hotels in Singapore the websites will have a section that you can add or take away what you want when you arrive at your hotel. For example, you can type in what kind of hotel such as a Bed and Breakfast or if you want it to be a four or five start hotel. The price of the hotel stay depends on what you chose when booking the hotel.

Top ten places to visit in Singapore are the Singapore Botanic Gardens, a national park that is open daily and is the home of the first rubber tree orchards. This park has beautiful scenery and lakes and animals to enjoy. A place for older children to visit and join in on activities is the Cookery Magic. Singapore Zoo is a fun place for the whole family. This zoo is located on 220 acres and features the world’s largest captive orangutan group. The zoo has activities for young and old. An amazing place to visit is the Flight Experience. You actually get to experience what it would be like to fly in an airplane. A few others are Bath Culture Foot Therapy, Singapore Flyer, National Orchid Garden, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum, Changi Chapel and Museum, and Sands SkyPark.

Most hotels are within walking distance to most of the top ten tourist attractions in Singapore. The hotels in Singapore range from $188 a night up to $918 a night. Depending on what type of vacation you wanting are what type of hotel you would like to choose. If you are planning a vacation with children you will need hotel accommodation’s that will have activities for children and rooms that will accommodate the needs of children. The tourist attractions have something for everyone in the family to enjoy.  If you want a more romantic vacation for a couple the more luxurious hotels have romantic rooms and dining and dancing.

Rome Hotels. Cheap Hotels in Rome

Rome, Top 10 Hotels to Stay, Places to Visit

Rome is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities with plenty of free attractions, cheap public transportation if you decide to use it and low priced eateries as well. If you stick to the pizza and pasta that is, a traveler can save plenty of money. But finding cheap hotels in Rome is another matter, most of the best Rome hotel deals are difficult to find

But when you book hotels in Rome online, here are the 10 best, but cheapest hotels to stay in.

The Beehive Hotel: This unique hotel features six private bedrooms, modern furniture, sunburst mirrors, and the walls are decorated with beautiful paintings all for the lowest prices you can find in Rome. For those who really want to experience cheap hotels in Rome, you can rent a bed in a dorm room at the Beehive for 1/3rd the cost of the room

Panda Hotel: A great location amidst the hip streets near the Spanish Steps, the bedrooms are small and simple, but are nicely decorated. Four of the rooms feature balconies, so when you book hotels in Rome online, you’ll want to take advantage of that.

Al Colonnato di San Peitro Hotel
: Ideally located near the Vatican and built in the 19th century, this hotel features only a few rooms, but they are equipped with strong showers, bathrooms, and unique dark wooded furniture. For those travelling in pairs, two bedrooms are connected while the third has its own bathroom.

Casa di Santa Francesca Romana Hotel: This wonderful medieval palazzo features a beautiful courtyard and its own chapel dedicated to Saint Francesca Romana, whose home this once was. The religious group who runs this hotel primarily books pilgrims and groups, independent travelers can also stay here at surprisingly low rates. 

Arco del Lauro Hotel: This Bed and Breakfast his hidden along a back lane, but features wooden floors, white walls, and unusual antiques. Each room has a shower and this is the perfect getaway location for those looking for the best Rome hotel deals.  

Casa Banzo Hotel: Part of the Renaissance palazzo near the Campo de Fiori, this is one of the most elegant bed and breakfast locations in Rome. For couples, this is a must for those who book hotels in Rome online in advance.
Navona Hotel: Family run for four generations, this bed and breakfast features remarkable beamed and stuccoes ceilings which show off the age and beauty of this building.
Hotel Smeraldo: Reasonably priced in a quiet back street, this hotel has very functional, tiled modern bedrooms, though a bit on the small side. It’s perfect for those searching for cheap hotels in Rome.
Daphne Inn Hotel: One of the more professional bed and breakfast hotels, this is just off the Piazza Barberini, very close to the famous Trevi Fountain.
Relais Palazzo Taverna Hotel: A 15th century building in a quiet area of Rome near the Via 

Dei Cornari Hotel, this hotel is a real bargain considering the outstanding décor.
Thee are but 10 of the best cheap hotels in Rome. For the budget minded traveler, these are some of the best the city has to offer.

Prague. Best Hotels in Prague

Hotels in Prague

For those travelling to Czech Republic this year, there are plenty of cheap hotels in Prague to stay at for those who are looking to spend as little money on the accommodations while still getting a good deal.

Finding the best Prague hotel deals is not easy, but there are several hotels in the area that do provide good accommodations without breaking the bank. Be sure to check for special deals as you book hotels in Prague. And it must be mentioned that many of the hotels listed below have less than 50 rooms, so book one as early as you can.

Hotel Anna: This family run hotel features 23 clean, comfortable rooms and stands in the shadow of trees in the Vinohrady residential area, within walking distance of the National Museum and only one metro station away from the famous Venceslas square.  All rooms feature satellite TV, IDD telephones, and a large writing desk. If you can, it is recommended that you book Room 501 of the hotel located in the attic as it offers a splendid view over Prague’s green hills. When you book hotels in Prague, the Hotel Anna should definitely be on your list.

Perla Hotel: A modern design sets apart this hotel, located close to the Old Town Square and Charles Bridge. The 64 rooms of the Perla are air-conditioned and soundproof, yet decorated in warm, modern manner. Complete with free wi-fi, plasma Sat TV in each room, the rates run from 85 Euros for single room during the off-season to 145 Euros for double rooms in season. One of the cheap hotels in Prague, but you would never know from the accommodations.

Antik Hotel: Loaded with character and near the Astronomer’s Clock with plenty of reputable restaurants, pubs, and shopping nearby, the Antik combines its picturesque accommodations with a comfortable, home-like lodging experience.  Many tour operators use the Antik as their point of departure, another reason why this reasonably priced hotel enjoys a great reputation.

Na Zlatem Krizi Hotel: Located in the heart of Prague and surrounded by famous tourist attractions, the Na Zlatem Krizi features a full buffet breakfast, sightseeing tours, and even laundry, this hotel’s beautiful décor run counter to the best Prague hotel deals in the city in terms of the cost, especially during the off-season.  If you can, book your visit when the National Theatre is hosting one of their many events. The Na Zlatem Krizi is located less than 200 meters away, within easy walking distance.

Atlantic Hotel: Those looking for cheap hotels in Prague will be surprised by the accommodations and location of the Atlantic. Next to the Municipal House in the center of the city, the Atlantic features 62 large, furnished rooms with distinctive high ceilings. The very reasonable rates include a sumptuous breakfast. When tourist book hotels in Prague, the Atlantic is high on their list.

These are just five of the best, cheap hotels in Prague. They will not disappoint tourist looking to experience the wonders of Prague thanks to their central location, beautiful accommodations, and very reasonable rates.

Paris Hotels. Book Cheap Hotels Paris

Hotels in Paris

Finding the best Paris hotel deals can be somewhat difficult. The famous city of lights is also one of the most expensive places to visit in Europe. For the traveler looking to get the most bang for their buck when they book hotels in Paris online, there are a few good cheap hotels in Paris to look out for.

Hotel Langlois: Of all the best Paris hotel deals, the Langlois may top them all. For under $100, this landmark hotel is located next to the Metro and close to the RER for easy access around the city. The Hotel Langlois is not without its own charms either as the building it is located in dates back to the 19th century, but has been fully updated and renovated.

Hotel Britannique: Another of the great cheap hotels in Paris, the Briannique is right in the heart of the city, mere steps from the Seine River, Place du Chatelet, and Les Halles all located within the unique Le Marais area of Paris. The Notre Dame cathedral and Le Louvre are also close by as well, making this one of the best Paris hotel deals you can find thanks to its location. This historic hotel features small room, but they are filled with the atmosphere that is Paris.

Hotel Chopin: With the Metro just minutes away, the Hotel Chopin is full of the charm and radiance you would find in settings that are more expensive. The clean, comfortable room and friendly staff help make your stay a memorable one, making it the top of most visitors list when they book hotels in Paris online.

Hotel de Notre Dame: Another one of the cheap hotels in Paris that offers a lot more for the price, the best feature of this Parisian hotel is its location, close to Notre Dame cathedral, the Ile Saint Louis, and just across the Seine from the Louvre and the very hip Latin Quarter. But what makes this one of the best Paris hotel deals is just how surprisingly quiet the location is. Full of character, even if the rooms are a bit small, the Hotel de Notre Dame is another fine choice in the city of lights.

Abotel Prince Albert Louvre: As if being near the Louvre was not good enough. The hotel is right next to the Metro for easy access and lots of shopping around Paris. It’s true that the hotel is aging a little, but that is more than offset by the clean, comfortable rooms and a very friendly staff. In addition, starting at 69 Euros for a room, that’s a price few cheap hotels in Paris can match, especially given the wonderful location.

Ideal Hotel: For as little as 50 Euros for a room, this is indeed ideal for many visitors looking to put their travel budget to shopping and locations, not room accommodations. And while the rooms themselves are small, they are also clean and the Ideal Hotel is close to the Louvre and public transportation.

These are but a few of the best hotel deals in Paris, perfect for the budget wary traveler in all of us. It is also great because you can book hotels in Paris online making it a simple task for you to begin your vacation.

New York Hotels. Book New York Hotels

Hotels in New York

For those looking to book online hotels in New York City, there are hundreds to choose from. But the best hotels in New York are certainly worth their weight in gold whether you are travelling in style or just looking for a place to crash without spending a lot of dough.

For the budget minded traveler and their companions, New York City can be an expensive place to visit. And while many of the hotels offer superb service, their costs can be somewhat steep; however, you can find some of the best New York hotel deals that make staying an easy feat.

What follows is a list of the best hotels rated at the most reasonable rates, suitable for those who are looking for cheap hotels in New York that provide the most for the money spent, while also being near where most of the attractions are.

Chelsea Savoy Hotel: A one night’s stay for up to four people costs between $155 and $375 per night depending on the size of the room. Located near several subway locations with plenty of club and dining options within walking distance, the Chelsea Savoy Hotel is a true bargain in the city and tops it all off by providing goose-down pillows.

Colonial House Inn: Began in the 1850’s as a townhouse, the Inn features Continental breakfast, rooftop patio, and internet kiosks. Both economy and standard rooms feature shared baths and some rooms have fridges and/or fireplaces and can accommodate up to five visitors a night. Rooms go fast, so be sure to book online hotels in New York like this one well before you visit.
Cosmopolitan Hotel – Tribeca: This NYC hotel features private baths and cable TV and the location is perfect for those looking to explore the downtown area. The subway is also nearby for those who want to see more of NYC. Perhaps the best deal is provided to four as the rooms featuring two double beds go for under $200.

GEM Hotel SoHo: Another downtown hotel that has free wi-fi, bottled water, private baths, and iPod docking stations. You can even make coffee in your own room as well, which when you combine all the features and reasonable price offsets somewhat the small room areas.

The Gershwin
: Perfect for families or groups travelling together, the Gershwin provides clean rooms and a vibrant hotel atmosphere for the price. This offers some of the best New York hotel deals you can find in the city. 

The Jane Hotel
: Like the Gershwin, the rooms are fairly small and the bathrooms are shared, but the location in the West Village is perfect and it’s close to the Hudson River Park. A single visitor can stay for under $100 a night, making the Jane Hotel a perfect New York best deal.  It is also one of the cheap hotels in New York with good quality.

Larchmont Hotel: Located in the West Village, this hotel is a true bargain considering the neighborhood, if you don’t mind sharing the baths. For those looking for the best cheap hotels in New York, this is one of the better ones.

These are a few of the best New York hotel deals you can find, especially for those travelers looking to spend more money on the attractions and less on the place they are staying at, yet still be comfortable.  Book online hotels in New York and have a blast while you stay in one of the best cities of the USA!

Monte Carlo. Best Hotel Deals

Monte Carlo: Top 10 Hotels to Stay, Places to Visit

Finding good, cheap hotels in Monte Carlo can be a tall order indeed. Monte Carlo is one of the premier vacation spots in Europe with beautiful beaches and stunning vistas that overlook the Mediterranean Sea. So when you book online hotels in Monte Carlo, you can expect to pay considerably more even for relatively low-class establishment in most other parts of the world.

However, finding the best hotel deals in Monte Carlo (Monaco) can be done. They just require a little patience and pre-planning to ensure booking the room for your trip. Here are the 10 best, most affordable hotels in Monte Carlo.  You can book online hotels in Monte Carlo making it a very easy task to complete.

Fairmont Hotel: Close to the Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium, this hotel scores big with great service and perfect location right in the center of Monte Carlo. One of the cheap hotels in Monte Carlo, it’s also one of the better ones.

Novotel Hotel Monte Carlo: Located right in the heart of the Principality, this hotel features excellent accommodations and a marvelous atmosphere all for rooms starting at less than $300 per night, a real bargain in this area.

Forum Hotel Beausoleil: Close to the splendid beach areas, this hotel sides more with practicality instead of opulence, but with rooms starting at less than $150 per night, this is a bargainer’s paradise indeed.

Residence Le Quai Des Princes Cap d’Ail
: This fabulous hotel offsets its rather higher prices with its fantastic location. This is the perfect place to book hotels online in Monte Carlo if you can get a great deal.

Residence Quietude Evasion Les Portes De Monaco
: A warm, friendly atmosphere with top notch comforts belies its cost as rooms start for under $180 per night, making this another one of the best hotel deals in Monte Carlo (Monaco).

Ambassador Hotel Monaco: A three-star hotel with rooms starting at just over $200 per night, this hotel is perfect as its located within the old part of the city, perfect for tourist exploring more than just the beautiful beaches.

Columbus Hotel Monaco
: Beautiful atmosphere, comfortable accommodations, and located in the Fontvieille near the harbor, this 3 & ½ star hotel may be the perfect choice for a reasonably priced, yet perfectly located hotel.

Beach Hotel Monte Carlo: A wonderful hideaway right on the beach, this four-star spectacular is accessible from the sea thanks to its own landing dock.

Le Meridien Beach Plaza Hotel Monte Carlo
: Another four-star delight, this hotel sits atop a rocky outcropping that overlooks the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

De Paris Hotel Monte Carlo: Stunning architecture, lavish accommodations, and perfect furnishings, this hotel represents the ultimate four-star experience in one of Europe’s most stunning locations.

These are the top 10 best hotel deals tourist can find in Monte Carlo, some offer plush four-star accommodations while others put affordability above extravagance. This principality is one of the most popular destinations in the world. To find the best cheap hotels in Monte Carlo, be sure to book your trip well ahead of your departure to make sure to get the room you want. Book online hotels in Monte Carlo and enjoy your stay today.  After all you can find some of the best hotel deals in Monte Carlo (Monaco).