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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bled - Slovenia. Best place to Visit and Hotels to Book

Hotels to book in Bled (Slovenia)

Nestled within the Julian Alps in the small northwestern region of Upper Carniola is the Slovenian municipality of Bled.  Known for the glacial Lake Bled, this quiet little community is a major tourist attraction boasting sights such as the lake itself, the icon historic Bled Castle, its famous kremna rezina (cream slice) pastries, and the nearby Triglav National Park.  The mild climate has developed Bled into a health resort and offers many sports and activities such as golf, fishing, horseback-riding, and hiking.  There are many different options when it comes to the best hotels in Bled (Slovenia).  You can book online hotels in Bled and see pictures and reviews for cheap Bled hotels online as well. Knowing where to stay in Bled will make it easier to decide what to do once you get there.  

Offering wonderful amenities such as a private beach, restaurants, and spa rooms the Hotel Vila Bled is one of the best hotels in Bled (Slovenia).  The Vila Bled has hosted such important and famous international leaders such as Castro and Indira Gandhi.  It is in a quieter location on the outskirts of town near Lake Bled.

The Grand Hotel Toplice is also one of the best hotels in Bled (Slovenia); especially if your trip is for business and not pleasure. The location and staff of this hotel cater to the business class individuals.  They offer internet access, free parking, and plenty of on-site amenities such as a weight room and swimming pool.

One of the cheap Bled hotels, the Garni Hotel offers guests charming views and a quiet setting, making this hotel ideal for honeymoons and quieter couple’s retreats.  Another of the cheap Bled hotels is the Penzion Mayer.  This quieter pet friendly hotel offers friendly service and clean rooms for a reasonable price.  The Alp Penzion offers a wide array of activities for the price including tennis courts, saunas, golf courses, fishing, skiing, canoeing, hiking and much more.  This family-run guesthouse offers comfortable rooms and beautiful outdoor spaces.

When you book online hotels in Bled be sure to take a ride on a Pletna (a traditional wooden barge), to the small island located in the middle of Lake Bled.  This small island is home to the Assumption of Mary Pilgrimage Church.  Visitors here ring the bell for good luck.  Lake Bled Island has 99 steps and its local tradition at weddings for the husband to carry his bride up all 99 steps.  A challenging enough task made more difficult because the bride must remain silent the entire way.  Ancient Slovenians worshipped Ziva, a goddess of love and fertility on the island (long before the nuns arrived of course).

Bled Castle is the oldest Slovenian castle and one of the most visited attractions in Slovenia.  With its Romanesque towers and Renaissance style construction, the frescoes in the chapel, drawbridge, and moat are sights not to be missed.  

The tranquil mountain setting, the temperate climate, and the rejuvenating lake waters have cemented Bled as a beautiful health spa and retreat.  Bled (Slovenia) and its hotels, attractions, and amenities make it a location truly worth experiencing.  So book online hotels in Bled and have an vacation well worth it!

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