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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Monte Carlo. Best Hotel Deals

Monte Carlo: Top 10 Hotels to Stay, Places to Visit

Finding good, cheap hotels in Monte Carlo can be a tall order indeed. Monte Carlo is one of the premier vacation spots in Europe with beautiful beaches and stunning vistas that overlook the Mediterranean Sea. So when you book online hotels in Monte Carlo, you can expect to pay considerably more even for relatively low-class establishment in most other parts of the world.

However, finding the best hotel deals in Monte Carlo (Monaco) can be done. They just require a little patience and pre-planning to ensure booking the room for your trip. Here are the 10 best, most affordable hotels in Monte Carlo.  You can book online hotels in Monte Carlo making it a very easy task to complete.

Fairmont Hotel: Close to the Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium, this hotel scores big with great service and perfect location right in the center of Monte Carlo. One of the cheap hotels in Monte Carlo, it’s also one of the better ones.

Novotel Hotel Monte Carlo: Located right in the heart of the Principality, this hotel features excellent accommodations and a marvelous atmosphere all for rooms starting at less than $300 per night, a real bargain in this area.

Forum Hotel Beausoleil: Close to the splendid beach areas, this hotel sides more with practicality instead of opulence, but with rooms starting at less than $150 per night, this is a bargainer’s paradise indeed.

Residence Le Quai Des Princes Cap d’Ail
: This fabulous hotel offsets its rather higher prices with its fantastic location. This is the perfect place to book hotels online in Monte Carlo if you can get a great deal.

Residence Quietude Evasion Les Portes De Monaco
: A warm, friendly atmosphere with top notch comforts belies its cost as rooms start for under $180 per night, making this another one of the best hotel deals in Monte Carlo (Monaco).

Ambassador Hotel Monaco: A three-star hotel with rooms starting at just over $200 per night, this hotel is perfect as its located within the old part of the city, perfect for tourist exploring more than just the beautiful beaches.

Columbus Hotel Monaco
: Beautiful atmosphere, comfortable accommodations, and located in the Fontvieille near the harbor, this 3 & ½ star hotel may be the perfect choice for a reasonably priced, yet perfectly located hotel.

Beach Hotel Monte Carlo: A wonderful hideaway right on the beach, this four-star spectacular is accessible from the sea thanks to its own landing dock.

Le Meridien Beach Plaza Hotel Monte Carlo
: Another four-star delight, this hotel sits atop a rocky outcropping that overlooks the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

De Paris Hotel Monte Carlo: Stunning architecture, lavish accommodations, and perfect furnishings, this hotel represents the ultimate four-star experience in one of Europe’s most stunning locations.

These are the top 10 best hotel deals tourist can find in Monte Carlo, some offer plush four-star accommodations while others put affordability above extravagance. This principality is one of the most popular destinations in the world. To find the best cheap hotels in Monte Carlo, be sure to book your trip well ahead of your departure to make sure to get the room you want. Book online hotels in Monte Carlo and enjoy your stay today.  After all you can find some of the best hotel deals in Monte Carlo (Monaco).

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